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Antonia Miguel Emilio
postales postales Basado en el cómic de Paco Roca Premio Nacional de Cómic 2008

Based on Paco Roca´s comic of the same title (2008 National Comic Prize), WRINKLES is a 2D animated feature-length film for an adult audience. Wrinkles portrays the friendship between Emilio and Miguel, two aged gentlemen shut away in a care home. Recent arrival Emilio, in the early stages of Alzheimer, is helped by Miguel and colleagues to avoid ending up on the feared top floor of the care home, also known as the lost causes or ⿿assisted⿝ floor. Their wild plan infuses their otherwise tedious day-to-day with humour and tenderness, because although for some their lives is coming to an end, for them it is just beginning.

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The source material´s emotional authenticity has been transferred intact to the screen.
Jonathan Holland, VARIETY
Illuminating, amusing, sensitive and touching.
One of the better films to emerge from the San Sebastian Film Festival this year.

Wrinkles is based on Paco Roca´s name-sake graphic novel, published by Editions Delcourt. In 2008 the Department for Culture prized it with the National Comic Award and Italy´s presitgious Lucca Festival bestowed it the Gran Guinigi Award for best long story. Wrinkles has also won the top prizes for Best Material and Best Script by the Salón Internacional del Cómic in Barcelona 2008 and the Award for Best Spanish Comic Strip by the Diario de Avisos of Tenerife 2008. Winning over the critics and readership alike, with more than 30.000 copies sold since Astiberri published it in Spain, where it is considered to be one of the most important comics of the decade .France´s Comic Critics Association short-listed Wrinkles in the top twenty comic albums of 2007. It has also been published in Italy, Holland, Finland and soon to be in Germany and Japan.

The source material´s emotional authenticity has been transferred intact to the screen.
Jonathan Holland, VARIETY
Illuminating, amusing, sensitive and touching.
One of the better films to emerge from the San Sebastian Film Festival this year.
Miguel Emilio Boceto
Retired bank Manager Emilio suffers from Alzheimer and is taken to the elderly care home by his son. Confused by his new surroundings and disorientated, he regresses to earlier stages of his life. Emilio unexpectedly finds support in his room-mate Miguel, and together they will employ all kinds of stunts to stop the doctors noticing Emilio´s ongoing deterioration. Through their struggle to stay active as individuals and maintain their dignity, the pair shape a genuine, strong friendship.
Emilio Miguel Boceto
One of the care home veterans, this mischievous and brazen trickster guides Emilio through the different environments within his new home. Having always lived without emotional ties, Miguel finds himself directly witnessing his new friend´s gradual degeneration. Involved in all sorts of comical and absurd situations to help Emilio, Miguel will be now be confronted by his own fears and the decisions that have marked his life up until now.
Paco Roca
Paco Roca
Comic Author, co-scriptwriter and designer

Wrinkles is the conclusive validation of this versatile author who started out at El Vibora magazine, publishing Road Cartoons his first series scripted by J.M. Aguilera. El Juego Lúgubre (La Cúpula, 2001; Dolmen, 2008) a personal vision of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, was his first solo album and the first to be published outside of Spain. Followed by Hijos de la Alambra (Planeta de Agostini, 2007) an adventure story about a 19th Century painter of the French Romanticism movement who visits the Alhambra. El Faro (Astiberri, 2004) , a sensitive script with the civil war as a backdrop, was awarded Best Realistic Script by the Diario de Avisos of Tenerife. Las Calles de Arena published by Astiberri and Delcourt in April and May, 2009 in Spain and France respectively. And more recently, El Invierno del Dibujante (Astiberri, 2010), is a story about the extraordinary generation of comic artists in 1950s Spain.

"Wrinkles arose from a need to discuss old-age, a scarcely-touched topic in literature or cinema. Upon collecting his Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Michael Caine lamented the lack of leading roles for his age. In today´s society, old-age is like being a supporting actor and so Wrinkles reflects what the elderly are feeling, estranged from the starring roles." Paco Roca

Ignacio Ferreras
Ignacio Ferreras
Director and co-scriptwriter.

Animator and worldwide-experienced director ⿿ the highlights of his animation work are Sylvain Chomet´s feature film The Illusionist, produced by Django Films (United Kingdom, 2010), 1000c SMS Finals the segment he directed and animated for Tokyo Onlypic 2008 (Japan, 2008) and his storyboarding on the feature film Asterix and the Vikings, produced by A Film (Denmark, 2004). Since 2005 he combines his occupation with lecturing, he teaches classes and delivers lectures at the prestigious Animation Workshop (Denmark), the National Film School of Denmark, and at Volda University College (Norway).

In 2002 he completed Channel 4´s prized short-film How to Cope with Death, as Creator, Animator and Director, and is awarded the ⿿Jean-Luc Xiberras⿝ prize for Best First Short Film at Annecy 2003, as well as 22 other international awards.

"I recall a conversation with a friend who is an animation film Director who said: you spend five or six years working on an animated feature film, then you watch it and think: I´ve wasted five years of my life on this. I´d be happy making at least one really good film, that would make it worthwhile. I am confident that Wrinkles will be my worthwhile film." Ignacio Ferreras

Nani Garcia
Nani García

Composer, musician and musical producer. His musical training in composition and jazz began in Sweden between 1976 and 1980.In the 90s he starts combining his solo work with producing musicals and arranging for several Galician artists as well as for national and Galician publishers. His commitment to Galician culture and to music means he is selected to become a part of pioneering projects to promote Galician culture, through his participation in children´s music publications, and compositions for theatre, cinema, television series (the first Galician series on TVG, Outros Feirantes 1986), programmes and documentaries.

Immersed in a personal and professional search, in 2004 he joins forces creatively with Miguel Anxo Prado on a project which will materialise in the internationally-recognised animated film De Profundis (2006). This work allows him to fully embrace the creation of symphonic music, developing and boosting his composer facet. Alongside other work: soundtracks for television series (Guante Blanco and Desaparecida for TVE) and films (El Niño de Barro, Jorge Algora, 2007), in 2009 he premieres the narrated Operetta for voice and clarinet quartet A Berenguela based on Galician poet Manuel Mariás texts. And in 2010 he premieres and records "The Wind Factor" his first concert piece for bass clarinet and wind orchestra.

"A clear technical drawing deserves an equally clear story, both in its delivery and its emotive nature. Everything about Wrinkles urges a creative involvement as composer, not without first admitting to be trapped between individuality and humanity." Nani García

Perro Verde
Perro Verde Films

Spanish production company PERRO VERDE FILMS develops and produces audio-visual materials for an international market. Based in Galicia, founded in 2007 and directed by Manuel Cristóbal PERRO VERDE FILMS has produced four feature films and the interactive application Contoplanet. Credited with a Goya, a Maestro Mateo and a nomination for Best European Animation Producer at the CARTOON TRIBUTES, PERRO VERDE FILMS are currently producing the 2D animated feature film Wrinkles and have several animated and live-action feature films and television series in development.

In 2009 alongside Disney PERRO VERDE FILMS released the comedy Los muertos van deprisa (Angel de la Cruz, 2008) a co-production with Artemática starring Neus Asensi, Chete Lera and Manuel Manquiña. They also released in 2009 the drama La noche que dejó de llover (Alfonso Zarauza, 2008) a co-production with Iroko Films starring 3-time Goya winner Luis Tosar and Nora Tschirner

In 2008 PERRO VERDE FILMS co-released with Aurum the 3D Animated Feature Film El Lince Perdido (Manuel Sicilia, Raul García, 2008) a co-production with Kandor Moon, introduced by Antonio Banderas, and awarded the Goya for Best Animated Film and Animadrid´s Best Film accolade, amongst other prizes.

In 2007 PERRO VERDE FILMS released Gritos en el pasillo (Juanjo Ramirez Mascaró, 2007) a co-production with Producciones Bajo la Lluvia, becoming Spain´s first ever day & date release and awarded a Premio FICOD by the Department of Trade and Industry for their marketing strategy and digital distribution.


It all began in 1988 with a small team and a big desire to make quality programming and content.⿦

In a short space of time, Cromosoma took-off spectacularly, positioning itself in the audio-visual market as a reputed auteur production company, respecting the original material whilst adapting it to animated television series for children. The company is currently crewed up with 70 staffed professionals as well as twenty-odd freelance professionals carrying out the entire process from design to the broadcast master copy. Prioritising quality above any relevant market determinants has been CROMOSOMA´s philosphy, earning them recognition amongst viewers and broadcasters worldwide.

The arrival of new technologies in audio-visual production has meant Cromosoma is pioneering digitalisation in production procedures by introducing 2D and 3D Digital technology in television and cinema productions. Also, Digital 360º ⿿ the Cromosoma Group´s new audio-visual and multi-media post-production company ⿿ has created a new company brand offering post-production solutions for audio and video as well as providing production companies, advertising agencies and the new technologies industry with technical crews. Whilst also supplying entertainment and digital content on a global scale.

Cromosoma´s biggest international success is Las Tres Mellizas (The Triplets), an animated series for children, which has allowed them to develop several new and successful projects like Asha, Lila, Tom, Miniman, Juanito Jones or The BabyTriplets.

Cromosoma also produces live-action fiction, entertainment and documentaries for television and cinema. One of their most recent and prized productions is the feature-length documentary Bicicleta, Cuchara, Manzana, about Alzheimer and Pasqual Maragall (former Mayor of Barcelona).

Directed by film-maker Carles Bosch and produced in collaboration with the Fundación Pasqual Maragall, B ICICLETA, CUCHARA, MANZANA, takes a closer look at Alzheimer, from the scientific angle as well as the human, emotional sides, which typify the post-diagnosis stage. Directed by Oscar-nominee Carles Bosch (Balseros, Septiembres) its first-hand testimonies are delivered by Pasqual Maragall himself, his wife Diana Garrigosa, his three sons, and his nearest and dearest. Also combined with scientists and other sufferers´ testimonies, it delivers an emotional and brave account.

BICICLETA, CUCHARA, MANZANA is a story of struggle and hope. For 2 years a crew followed this exceptional patient´s crusade against Alzheimer. With intelligence, honesty and humour, Maragall is portrayed in his day-to-day life, at his check-ups, with his family and at his charitable Foundation against Alzheimer, aiming to bring us closer to a problem affecting 26 million people worldwide and can only be stopped through scientific investigation.

BICICLETA, CUCHARA, MANZANA is a CROMOSOMA production with the collaboration of TVC, TVE, XTVL, ICIC and ICAA. Released in theatres in October, part of the profits will be allocated to the battle against Alzheimer through the Fundación Pasqual Maragall Alzheimer Internacional. Since its establishment in 2008, the Fundación Pasqual Maragall works towards investigation of Alzheimer and neural-degenerative diseases.

Perro Verde Cromosoma

Ángel de la Cruz, Paco Roca, Ignacio Ferreras, Rosanna Cecchini
based on the comic Arrugas, by Paco Roca
Published by Delcourt /Astiberri

Paco Roca

Nani Garcia

Cinemar Films, Carlos García, Diego S. Staub

David Cubero

Dani Martínez, Helena Fortuny

Mariam Seoane

Baltasar Pedrosa

María Arochena, Ángel de la Cruz, Toni Marín, Tono Folguera, Daniel Martínez

Manuel Cristóbal, Oriol Ivern, Enrique Aguirrezabala

Ignacio Ferreras

La Produccion
January 2010
July 2011

89 minutos


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R&R Comunications Raúl García / Rocio Ayuso
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